Cherylann Hawk

   Graced with jazzy, percussive and dynamic acoustic guitar skills, rhythmic lyrics full of life and alliteration that float over intricate, catchy melodies, and a voice that saturates the senses with pleasures that can awaken, mend and nurture the soul, Cherylann Hawk “has you” the minute she opens her mouth, her eyes and her heart. She is passionate and playful, sexy and sweet, beautiful and bubbly, graceful and groovy.

   The music she makes is a magical blend of the styles of her influences including pop rock, jazz, folk, blues, country and exotic rhythms. Her shows attract an eclectic group of people of all ages and walks of life… all devoted to the harmonious, honest and addicting sounds of Cherylann Hawk.

    Cherylann Hawk's delightfully expressive performances have been charming audiences for over a decade. Cherylann's songs deal with love, longing, and passion for life. A unique blend of infectious jazz-pop, smooth rhythm and soul, and folk-tinted acoustic rock, her heartfelt, playful lyrics, sparkling arrangements, and enchanting voice will entrance your senses. It's feel good music for the soul.

    A long-time Pittsburgh favorite Cherylann continues to delight audiences at festivals and venues all around the East Coast.

      Listen to Cherylann and Cheyenne Sing together

Cherylann 'Fringe' and 'Family' Photos by John "Pops" Dickerson